Step 1

Please visit the Association website and read the Online Enrollment Guide and General Rules and Regulations carefully to make sure you understand the application procedures and requirements before completing the entry form. 


Step 2

Confirm the following application documents are available. (Scanned version)

I) Applicant’s Hong Kong ID card/ Passport/ Birth certificate 

II) The payment receipt of entry fee

*Image formats must be png/ jpg/ jpeg/ pdf and should not exceed 10 MB

* Enrollment fee can be transferred to the Association’s Chiyu Banking Corporation Limited (Chiyu) account via ATMs or counters at any of the branches of Chiyu Bank or Bank of China. Details are stated below:

Account Number: 039 - 733 - 000 - 68663

Account Name: Hong Kong Piano Music Association 


Step 3

Follow the instructions to complete the entry form and upload the documents.

*Please noted after submitted the entry form, applicants should pay an administration fee of HK $100 for each application for alteration. 


Step 4

Submit the entry form and documents

*After submitting the entry form, the system will send an email to applicant automatically. 

*“Information confirmation” does not indicate the success of application. 


Step 5

After verifying of the applications (5 working days to process), the Association will email the applicants“Confirmation Notification” 

* “The Confirmation Notification” means success of application.


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